A wide range of resources are available for FAITH LEADER facilitators.  Most are included in the Faith Leader Facilitator Guide, available through Chalice Press.  A sample of the resources are included below:

Interested in communicating with other FAITH LEADER facilitators?  You can sign up to be part of a e-mail list that goes ONLY to other facilitators, allowing a great discussion forum.  To be added, send an e-mail to faithleader-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

IMPORTANT NOTE:  There is a typographical error in the spiritual gifts scoring worksheet on page 30 of the Participant Manual.  Download the correct version: Spiritual Gift Score Sheet

Does your group love the Examen?  This is a great spiritual practice to encourage your group to use on an ongoing basis.  You can download a PDF of the worksheet and make additional copies for your group members:  Examen Worksheet

The fall retreat uses an innovative Lectio Divina format.  Some Faith Leader participants have used that as a spiritual practice.  You can download a PDF of the exercise here: Lectio Divina Worksheet

As you begin, each group creates a covenant.  You can download a sample covenant in Word, easily adaptable to the needs of your group.  

Can we help you in any way along the journey?  Just let us know.  You can email Sandy Smith at sandy@faithleader.org.