FAITH LEADER is a small group process that will raise up new leaders in your congregation.  Based on biblical models of leadership and reclaiming spritual practices from the Christian tradition, FAITH LEADER trains participants in discernment, both of their own call to ministry and the spiritual life of their congregation.  The full program encompasses 26 weekly sessions, along with two weekend long retreats.

As a result of this program, participants craft a new vision of spiritual leadership based on their spiritual gifts and their call from God.

FAITH LEADER allows participants to look beyond administrative models of leadership to name and implement ministries of teaching, hospitality, justice, vision, discernment, administration, and compassion.  FAITH LEADER will provide you with more than someone to chair the board or session.  Instead, lay people will be impowered to serve God as only they can!


Participating congregations select a group of eight to twelve members each year for the FAITH LEADER program which includes weekly meetings (75-90 minutes), opening and closing retreats, and reflection/practice assignments between sessions.




  • Biblical models of leadership
  • Spiritual gifts identification
  • Spiritual type assessment
  • Spiritual practices from six streams of Christianity
  • Building a personal Rule of Life
  • Discernment of your congregation's spiritual style
  • Articulating a personal plan for ministry



At the closing retreat, each participant will present his or her Personal Plan for Ministry.  Utilizing the entire year's study and reflection, participants articulate a timely, step-by-step plan for implementing the ministry to which God calls them.

The Personal Plan for Ministry will be as individual as the participants who craft them.  Some may entail very visible ministries; others will reflect more quiet types of service.  In either case, the participants will find a life-giving ministry that celebrates his or her individual gifts.


FAITH LEADER offers a wide range of training resources on this website.  New resources are constantly being developed. In our experience, the Facilitator's Guide provides most everything that an experienced small group leader needs to offer the program.  Looking for more? We offer customized training on request.